Maybe it is because I was born in Yorkshire or perhaps because it is in the DNA of engineers but, whichever, I cant stand waste – whether it is energy, kit or cash – or a combination of all three! My firm belief is that time spent in working out the right match, not necessarily the cheapest or most expensive, of systems design and components to the task repays the customers investment many, many times Read more


Ripping a length of Clingfilm from the roll in the kitchen to wrap sandwiches for my daughter’s lunch the other day made me think of some of the issues I have encountered working on projects involving winding and rewinding machines. The very fact that Clingfilm is so stretchy indicates just one of the problems to be overcome. Handling reels of material is common to a diverse range of processes, from newsprint and toilet rolls, sheet Read more


This subject popped into my head when I was taking a shower the other day in a hotel whose bathrooms sorely need refurbishment. You know what it’s like when confronted with the type of shower that you adjust the hot and cold on to taste, achieve the perfect mix and then someone runs a bath and you either freeze or get boiled alive – it was one of those. I was left longing for a Read more


If there is one thing in my professional life that I really loathe it is documenting a project. On the other hand it is absolutely essential. Resolving this paradox has forced me to create a system that ensures that the quality of the design solution endures and provides the customer and myself with real dividends that repay the time and money invested many times over. Just creating a design that works might be enough for Read more

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