Web guides for softgel capsule machines

This important process enhancement, developed by my company for a leading softgel capsule manufacturer, was subsequently applied in all its facilities worldwide. Softgel capsules are used for packaging liquid products from bath oil to cod liver oil, and prescription drugs to paint balls. But have you ever wondered how they are made? Softgel capsules are made and filled on rotary die encapsulation machines. Hot liquid gelatine is continuously cast in two thin wide ribbons, or Read more

Taping Lines for Copper Conductors

This project was undertaken for Ridgway Machines Ltd, in Anstey, Leicester, for their customer in India. It was a quantum leap forward in the way complex taping lines are built. As part of our company remit, we used our expertise and the latest technology to revolutionise the electrical and control system, to achieve a degree of modularity that allows virtually any number of machines to be integrated into a line at the lowest equipment cost, Read more

Developing a motion controller: how?

I had invented a simplified motion controller in which each separate axis has its own dedicated processor, or motion control chip. An ideal opportunity arose for developing the controller against a real application when Blackburn-based carpet tufting machine manufacturer, Thom Engineering Limited, approached my company with a requirement for controlling 2,000 individual yarn feed motors simultaneously. The first task was to make the prototype controller. At the core of the controller is a Digital Signal Read more

15-axis Taping Machine for large diameter pipes

This highly innovative project was undertaken for Ridgway Machines Ltd, in Anstey, Leicester, a leading UK manufacturer of taping machines for electrical conductors and large diameter tubes. Ridgway supplied the Taping Machine to a customer in China. The machine is used for wrapping continuous lengths of extruded plastic pipe with steel tape. The pipe is made in various diameters from 50mm to 150mm (2”-6”) bore, in lengths up to 1km. It is spirally wound with Read more

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