Giving an old machine a new lease of life

The Issue Telford-based manufacturer of toothed timing belts, Bondabelt, had problems with a special purpose machine for grinding slots in the back of its belts. The machine was more than 10 years old, its Trio Motion Technology MC1 controller was obsolete, and the stepper motors driving the axes were unreliable causing the machine to lose position regularly. It had been made by a machine builder who was no longer able to support it and Bondabelt Read more

Reaching new heights in the world of film and TV

The Issue When professional cameraman, Matthew Gladstone, wanted some shots of sporting events from high angles, he couldn’t find anything to get his camera to the required elevation. So he commissioned a mobile, remotely-controlled mast capable of lifting a full-sized camera to a height of 30m/100ft. The brief was to design a mast that could be towed by a Land Rover. The rules governing the use of outside broadcast equipment in many sporting venues put Read more

Breakdown support: first aid for machinery

The Issue Birmingham-based health products manufacturer Cuxson Gerrard & Co Ltd had a major breakdown on one of two machines making sticking plasters. I responded to the call when arrived at the machine, one I had not seen before, I found it was more than 10 years old and the faulty part was obsolete and no longer available. The machine had been designed and made in-house by the Works Engineer who had since left and Read more

Hybrid centre/surface winder for metal foil

This project was undertaken for Machinery Development Services Ltd (MDS) in Whitminster, near Gloucester, a leading UK manufacturer of converting machines for paper, foil and film. My company provided the drives and control system for this highly innovative machine, for winding reels of aluminium foil used by hairdressers when colouring hair. The machine converts large rolls of aluminium foil weighing up to 500kg, as supplied from the rolling mill, into small reels that can be Read more

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