Variable speed drive reduces energy costs

Peter Grant Papers, in Telford, is the UK’s largest independent soft tissue manufacturer, converting 15,000 tons of tissue paper per year produced by its Lancaster mill into toilet paper, hand and face towels, and wipes for the healthcare, catering and industrial sectors. At the heart of the company’s environmental policy is the maxim, “Being kind to the environment is at the core of everything we do.” As such, Peter Grant Papers endeavours to reduce waste, Read more

Developing a networked process control board

When AWE Newtech Limited, a leading manufacturer of resin impregnation machines for electric motors, realised that significant savings could be made in the cost of their flagship machines by introducing distributed control, they approached my company to develop a suitable process control board. Newtech’s machines are used for impregnating the windings of stators up to IEC 200/NEMA 320 frame (up to 100kg/220lb) with insulating resin. The machines use resins which must be cured at elevated Read more

Bottle Capping Machine

This project for the Japanese life sciences company, Olympus Diagnostica, in Ireland, was to replace an existing machine that was unreliable with a new machine designed and built by for consistently screwing caps onto bottles to a precisely-controlled, repeatable torque. The machine is constructed primarily in stainless steel, with an aluminium alloy superstructure, for use in a clean room. My company was given just three days to install the new machine and get it working Read more

Pathology lab sample preparation machine

The British life sciences company, Genial Genetic Solutions, asked my company to design and programme the control system for their revolutionary new machine, the MultiPrep CellSprint™ for automating the preparation of samples for genetic analysis. The machine automatically and consistently prepares samples of bodily fluids, such as amniotic fluid, freeing scientists and laboratory staff for the more important task of analysing the samples and diagnosing potential diseases. The samples are presented to the machine in Read more

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